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Up posture | lock bottom, small hole on the window of the plane is for?


According to the police, August 1st at 4 pm, Zhenjiang man Kan (born 1979) an electric bike, along the northern Road on the south side of non motorized vehicles by reverse traveling east to west to South Mount Huangshan Road, the police were on duty site chajiu. In the end the police just read the legal terms, not the implementation of the punishment, Jane to go home with children on the grounds of a desire to leave the scene, but the mood is very excited, and want to escape the police immediately yanked the switch, to prevent. Subsequently, Jane picked up a red brick on the roadside to smash his electric car, the red brick was instantly snatched by the police, Jane and a fall police, and the police arm, face scratched, and then he hit the head of the police with U type lock, causing the head injury of police.

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