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About ARES

Beijing Ares-lock Industry Co.,Ltd mainly engages in R&D and manufacture of Arcitectural Hardware.As a leading   manufacturer of lock bodies
we have lots of specialists and advanced testing machines in this field,which enable us conducting every stage from function reserch to frame detection to produced
goods test by ourselves.


we test all of our products to ensure lasting quality and durebility.You can be sure that our products have past extramly hard corrosion
resistance with salt spray testing machine and 500,000 times cycle testing
with our testing machines made according to DIN standards.And we inspect every component
such as screw\pocket and complete satisfaction.To maintain the above,our motivated and responsible satisfaction.
To maintain the above,our motivated and responsible staff are working hard everyday.




Dvanced concept of management and superior quality of products have been sold to Germany,UK,USA,Italy,Japan,Singapore and other
countries.We are looking forward to cooperating with you by receiving your ODM&OEM orders.



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